Gmail Add-Ons


One of the best email service providers is almost undoubtedly Gmail, the applications and features provided by them may seem sufficient in itself BUT there are many add-ons available that can spruce up and excite your Gmail experience. Here are some interesting add-ons, take a look and then just click on the pictures to install the ones you like.

This is a free Gmail fax add-on. The fax to email is a free South African fax number that receives your faxes, converts them to PDF files and emails it directly to your Gmail inbox.  Each person can get their own private fax to email number linked to their personal Gmail address. There is no need for fax lines or fax machines. BizFax uses top-of-the-range corporate fax solutions, delivering a professional fax service to you for free.

Integrated Gmail
This application lets you view and operate Google Calender, Reader, Picasa, Groups, News, Maps, Portfolio, Tasks and other Google services. It will convert your inbox into a collapsible box making the display neater; works perfectly well with Google application accounts as well. It has one drawback though, this application is compatible with Firefox browser only.
Remember The Milk


This is a to-do list add-on that allows you to manage your tasks completely hassle free. You can create lists and set up time limit, tags, location and mark them as complete once done; you can even email your to-do list to others that will surely save up a lot time. You can set priorities for each of your tasks which can be changed as and when your work progresses. Basically, once you enter a to-do task in this application, it will ensure that you are reminded of it and complete the task as planned. 


This add-on shows all contact details right inside your Gmail inbox. The Rapportive official website says “Imagine a relationship
management built in you email”. Through this application you can easily view all contact details – their profile picture, location,
job and create a network with them through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Blog, and several other social networking sites. It pulls the public information of anyone that sends you an email and stores it for you.


This is an application for email signature, it allows you to customize your signatures and add your social networking profiles as
well. In other words it is a browser extension that lets you personalize your signature and promote your social networks through email; you can choose links like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Blog, eBay, RSS feeds and many more. Luckily this add-on is compatible with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. 

Cloud Magic


This is an application that is very much like Google Instant but specifically for Gmail that lets you instantly search for messages or contacts and refine search terms without having to open a new tab. Gmail’s original search feature seems vintage when compared to this application. 

There are many other Add-Ons that may be more suitable for you. If you have any other suggestions let us know and give us a rating so we can add them to our page.



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